I grew up in Central Illinois and graduated from Loyola University Chicago with a degree in History.  I attended medical school at Georgetown University and completed a combined internal medicine and pediatric residency at Duke University Medical Center.  I’ve worked with The Alaska Hospitalist Group (TAHG) since 2003.

I practice all the usual outdoor Alaska sports.  I also love to travel and take advantage of the non-stop flights from Anchorage to Asia and Europe as much as possible.  I like taking large blocks of time off to travel.  Since working with TAHG, I’ve worked as a medical volunteer in Cambodia and Peru for several months and traveled extensively in Europe, Asia and Latin America.  I’m a Latin dance fanatic and frequently attend congresses and visit favorite venues around the world.  Lastly, I spend a lot of time studying design and architecture and recently finished building a personal residence in downtown Anchorage.

TAHG is part of my extended family.  It is a dynamic, fun loving yet very professional group.  We spend a lot of time together both in the hospital and socializing outside of work.  With over 25 members, our journal clubs and parties are quite a social event.

TAHG has always been known for providing top notch inpatient care.  Over the last several years, TAHG has developed into a very respected and influential medical group in Anchorage.  Along with the wider medical community, we are helping shape the future of health care in Anchorage and Alaska.