About Anchorage

“I have lived a lot of great places throughout training: Seattle, Boise, San Francisco, Denver. I have always struggled to find the right balance between the job opportunities and amenities of a city, and the peace, quiet, and recreational opportunities of the wilderness. For me, Anchorage is the perfect balance.”
-Ryan McGhan, MD


“Anchorage has some of the best winter sports opportunities in the world. The medical community is diverse and covers all major specialties. “

-Ron Healy, MD

Alaska offers financial, cultural, and recreational opportunities beyond compare. There is no state income or sales tax; in fact, the state pays every Alaskan a yearly dividend from oil revenues! Anchorage, with 285,000 residents, is a modern American city surrounded by spectacular scenery and boundless outdoor recreation opportunities. Within the city limits are moose, bears, glaciers, hundreds of miles of trails for hiking, biking, and skiing, a ski resort, golf courses, major dogsled race starts, and several peaks of the hugely popular Chugach Mountains. There are also shopping malls, world-class restaurants, brewpubs, two universities, a sports arena and a performing arts center. The combination of urban and wild is what makes Anchorage such a special place. Where else can you catch a salmon in the shadow of skyscrapers, or meet a moose on your way to the symphony?