About Us

We are a private group of intensivists, internists and family practitioners serving Providence Alaska Medical Center, St. Elias Specialty Hospital, Providence Transitional Care Center, Mat-Su Regional Medical Center and Central Peninsula Hospital.

Since the beginning, The Alaska Hospitalist Group, LLC has been unified by two main goals: to improve the outcomes of hospitalized patients by dedicating physicians to focus on their inpatient care, and to allow ourselves enough time off to enjoy the amazing recreational opportunities that drew us to Anchorage, Alaska in the first place. We have managed to keep true to these goals while we have grown, focusing a great deal of effort in recruiting capable and like-minded (though diverse) physicians.

In 2002, Drs. Bateman, Lestina, and Shearn founded The Alaska Hospitalist Group (TAHG), the first hospitalist group in the state of Alaska. Currently, The Alaska Hospitalist Group cares for a variety of patients at a number of facilities in Alaska, including Providence Alaska Medical Center, St. Elias Specialty Hospital, Central Peninsula Hospital, Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, Providence Transitional Care Center and Providence Extended Care. We have a partnership with a number of private practices throughout the city, as well as the Anchorage Neighborhood Health Clinic, and the Alaska Department of Corrections. We also care for a number of veterans, active-duty personnel, their dependents, and Alaska Natives when they require care at one of the private hospitals. The Alaska Hospitalist Group provides medical consultation for a wide variety of surgical services. Finally, we admit a number of unassigned patients, including visitors as well as those without established local physicians (including patients from remote parts of Alaska).

Our staffing model includes multiple hospitalist services at Providence Alaska Medical Center, St. Elias Specialty Hospital, Central Peninsula Hospital, and Mat-Su Regional Medical Center. Our “swing shift” rotation covers admissions and new consults during the day. We offer flexible block scheduling, working week blocks. Night shifts can be filled individually or in blocks, depending on physician preference.

In 2007, The Alaska Hospitalist Group added Intensivists to our group under the leadership of Dr. McGhan. In 2018, Dr. Dolgonos accepted the Intensivist leadership role while continuing to provide outstanding patient care. We have daytime Intensivists at Providence Alaska Medical Center, and Mat-Su Regional Medical Center, with additional Intensivists on at night, including electronic ICU (eICU) services. The Intensivists also provide support for critically ill patients at St. Elias Specialty Hospital, working in partnership with the Hospitalists.

We are proud of the variety of services and quality of care we provide. Our schedule allows for an equal amount of time off and work, allowing us to enjoy the best that Alaska has to offer. We offer competitive pay and benefits including the possibility of partnership. If you are interested in working at The Alaska Hospitalist Group, please contact us at jobs@alaskahospitalist.com.

Dr. Brian Jeppesen, Hospitalist President
Dr. Lior Dolgonos, Intensivist President

Dr. Timothy Bateman, Past Hospitalist President

Privacy Policy

*The Alaska Hospitalist Group, LLC complies with applicable Federal civil rights laws and does not discriminate on the basis of race, color, national origin, age, disability, or sex.