M. Landon Smith, MD


Born and raised in Harrison, Arkansas , I grew up loving the adventure of the outdoors…

I attended undergrad at the University of Arkansas (1999-2003) where I earned a Bachelor degree in Biology while volunteering at free health clinics that helped confirm my decision of becoming a physician.

My adventure continued as I attended medical school at Ross University School of Medicine (2003-2007) on the island of Dominica where not only did I get the base of knowledge needed for the rest of my career but was able to enjoy the pleasures of island life. I spent the last two years of medical school traveling through many clinical rotations in academic hospitals from Miami to Brooklyn and then California.

I spent the next three years at the University of Tennessee in Memphis (2007-2010) where I completed a residency in Internal Medicine  and met my wife Monica. Following residency we decided to move to Alaska for a year or two to seek adventure and jobs. We have enjoyed it so much we now call Alaska home.


M. Landon Smith, MD