Chris Zerger, MD


I was born in Moundridge, Kansas, a rural farming community. I attended the University of Kansas throughout my undergraduate, graduate, medical studies. I even stayed for residency. I majored in psychology and was accepted into a clinical psychology graduate program. After a year, however, I elected to shift into medical school then into the internal medicine program.

During my studies, I found the opportunity to travel in much of the Western United States and Alaska. Coming from a landlocked and flat place, I was enthralled with the natural splendor of Alaska. When I learned of a hospitalist position available in Anchorage, I immediately applied and knew exactly where I wanted to relocate.

I found working as a hospitalist with The Alaska Hospitalist Group to be rewarding and intellectually stimulating. Subsequently, I elected to become a partner in the group. In this position, I have enough flexibility that I have been able to explore cutting edge modern medicine while at the the same time exploring much of Alaska’s backcountry; truly rare and exquisite pleasures.


Chris Zerger, MD